Gaia 2.0 has arrived, with full AS3 support, improved Class Scaffolding, AS2 exclude.xml scaffolding, and some great new features. The framework architecture has been greatly improved in porting it to AS3, and the AS2 version has been refactored to mirror AS3 as closely as possible, and the page template files are now extremely small.

How does Gaia differ from other Flash frameworks?

Gaia has a much simpler API than many frameworks out there. However, its simple API provides a great deal of power and flexibility, and solves many edge case development challenges very well. It makes Flash development easy and fun, and its unique Event Hijacking engine enables you to achieve some really complex behavior with very little code. Additionally, Gaia has Scaffolding which generates all the base files for your site, including Flash files, Class files, and even exclude.xml files!

If you're developing Flash sites and  want to speed up your Flash workflow with rapid development and don't want to have to learn a complicated framework API, give Gaia a test drive.

One of Gaia's great strengths is how it generally stays out of your way while providing great solutions to development challenges both common and rare. There is plenty of support on the forums, as well, and the community is prompt in replying to questions.


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  1. […] the Gaia 2.0 Panel for Flash CS3. So for those of you guys interested jump over a read his official release post. I am hoping to review it myself this week and see what I can find. But I'd love to hear what you […]

  2. Brilliant. I was actually talking with some of our in-house developers about creating a framework like this last week. I'm giving the framework a shot on a current project… so far I'm blown away.

    Most frameworks out there are far to rigged or highlevel to be used for most media heavy interactive sites. Gaia is perfect for getting a working site up and going very quickly.

    Thank you for the hard work!

  3. Skye Giordano says:

    Wow. I think Gaia might be the flash framework I've been looking for. When might you have time to update the screencasts for Gaia 2.0 and demonstrate some additional more Gaia in action?

  4. Steven Sacks says:

    I'm planning on doing a new screencast for Gaia 2.0 this weekend. :)

  5. Ivan Sosa says:

    Man, you made my day!
    I lead the Flash Developers Team at Wunderman Interactive Colombia.
    We will be using GAIA for some small projects to try it out, and if it meet our expectactions, we will be using it on our large scale projects.
    Thanks a lot!

  6. Ihsan Kriato says:

    Very nice. Specially so easy to use & the learning curve is low.

    I'm playing with Gaia right now and really looks promising.

    Great job.

  7. flashmad says:

    Is it easy to work with custom flash designs? or Their logo will be there and that tree menu will appear in all sites i make??

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