Gaia 3.1.2 has some awesome new features, including Runtime Font Loading (AS3), the new ByteArrayAsset (AS3), the ability to set the preloader delay, adds a missing function in IStyleSheet, panel performance optimization, and the ability to deauthorize the panel.

Runtime Font Loading allows you to easily access dynamically loaded fonts in any page or swf asset in your site.

The new ByteArrayAsset enables you to load raw bytes into Gaia. One use is to load in Bitmap or swf assets and create multiple instances of them from the same bytes.

The Gaia panel performance has been optimized to drop the framerate down to 0.1 when inactive, and only run at 10fps when active. You can also deauthorize the panel in case you buy a new computer or reinstall your operating system.

You can read more in the official release notes:,1808.0.html


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